Financial Polices

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  1. All fees and other charges are to be directly deposited in Askari Bank Ltd: Bunder Road Branch Larkana through the prescribed challan. No cross cheque will be accepted by the bank. Payments will not be accepted by Accounts Section OPF Public School, Larkana, in any circumstance.
  2. The due date for the depositing fee will be the 10th of the respective month, and the strike-off date will be the 20th of the same month, with an additional Rs. 200/- as late deposition fine. Re-admission fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged after the strike-off date.
  3. 10% concession in tuition fee only for student's siblings.
  4. 50% concession in tuition fee in case death of his/her father during the student-ship for orphan subject to the requirement of the death certificate with application.
  5. On a student's leaving the school, the Security Fee received in advance will be returned to the student, and the Tuition fee for the remaining months will be cleared by the student.
  6. In case of withdrawal from the school, the student will need to pay the full fee for the month in which he/she last attends classes.
  7. Parents are requested to contact the School Accounts Department in case of errors in the fee challan.
  8. No student will be allowed to sit for public or School examinations unless his/her accounts are settled in full before the date on which the examination is due to commence. For students who take examinations, the fee must be paid up to the end of the calendar month in which their examination finishes.
  9. Payment of refunds will only be made through crossed cheques in the name of the student's parents/guardians.

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